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Fire Police

The Fire Police of the company shall be an integral part of the company. The Fire Chief shall have the power to appoint members to the position of Fire Police or to remove them from that position at his discretion.

Members of the Fire Police will be regular members within the definitions of the Constitution after first fulfilling the requirement of the relevant membership category (probation, attendance etc.) with two exceptions. They shall not be required to learn the operation of each piece of equipment nor to attend the Basic Fire Fighters Course. They shall, however, be trained in traffic and crowd control at an approved course and swear an oath administered by the municipal clerk during their probationary year as a Fire Police officer.

If a Fire Police officer fulfills all the regular requirements of an active member, he shall be considered an active member for all benefit, activity and discipline purposes.

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Tony Allegretto
Serving Since 2007

Bob Dinic

Robert DiNicolantonio
Serving Since 1973

Life Member

Liz Hoster

Liz Hoster
Serving Since 2009

Louis Landi

Louis Landi
Serving Since 2001


Joseph McAfee
Serving Since 1989

Life Member

Captain Bill Miller

William Miller
Serving Since 1981

Life Member

Scott Wood

Scott Wood
Serving Since 2005